Headley 3rd Cricket Club Schedule at BOSC

We are pleased to announce the Headley 3rd Cricket team match dates at BOSC.
Come and join us for some wonderful cricket action in a superb new setting.

27th April – Headley 3rd XI v Brook 2nd XI
4th May – Headley 3rd XI v Grayswood 3rd XI
8th June – Headley 3rd XI v Blackheath 3rd XI
6th July – Headley 3rd XI v Frimley 3rd XI
20th July – Headley 3rd XI v Farncombe Wanderers
3rd August – Headley 3rd XI v Midhurst 2nd XI
17th August – Headley 3rd XI v Bramley 2nd XI
31st August – Headley 3rd XI v Tilford 3rd XI
7th Sept – Headley 3rd XI v The Bourne 2nd XI


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Closed Until Next Year

We are planning to use this time of restrictions due to Covid-19 to refurbish and expand the ground floor so that we can host more visitors to BOSC next year. The project will take three months. We look forward to welcoming you to a new improved BOSC Pavilion before Easter 2021.

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